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March 31, 2004



What a trip. Thanks for taking the time to let us in on your fantastic voyage. Gives all us armchair travellers a chance to day dream a bit!


Wow-seems fantastic. I cannot believe the colors they use. It is so amazing. I also could not help thinking that the powder pictures reminded me of some sorority paint party, what was that outdoor event first semester? Anyway, looks unbelievable. Continue to enjoy the voyage...


This was a great posting...I loved all the colors and the camel safari was one of my favorite. Looks amazing...Have fun for the next few weeks in Bangalore...love Bonnie

Ganga Singh Chouhan

Fantastic trip you had.And the way you portrayed rajasthan was awesome, i m a critical rajasthani rajput i really admire your comments on the my colourfull home.


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