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February 08, 2004



Every time I see your pictures I feel as if I have my own personal National Geographic photographer. I think you should write a book!
Keep having those amazing experiences (I don't
know how you keep up the pace). Miss you. Glad you are feeling better.


Hi Eliz,

I loved your stories on the WSF. It is important to remember that our comfortable lives are often made possible by others' discomfort. Would we be willing to give up a bit so others could have more?

OSHO! HA! Our office driver said that poor people don't go to Osho because they cannot afford to pray there! Half of my office are dedicated Osho followers. This country is amazing!

Can't wait to have you in Delhi!


Good job with the summary and I love the corresponding pictures - it really brings it all to life....especially love the pictures of the children - they are so cute! It is amazing to hear about the culture through your eyes - agree with Shack National Geographic's got nothing on you! Hope the Conference goes well and can't wait for the next posting.

Miss ya tons,


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