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January 13, 2004



The journey sounds amazing! Keep enjoying it and living it to the fullest. Wish I could have seen you while you were home. Happy New Year! One of my goals for this year is to enjoy what is.


As always, it is great to learn about places you have never been through friends. The pictures are great and the stories are fun to read. Don't sell yourself short you are a great story teller too!!!! I have told to quote to others and they love it too. It was great seeing you while you were home and I miss you tons!


It sounds like an incredible past few weeks. So glad the trip worked out well as I knowi t was annoying at the beginning when everything got lost. Thanks also so much for the beautiful description and details of our wedding. We were so thankful to have you there!
Love, Bonnie


Again, you have described a journey that will be with you for the rest of your life.
Keep up the good work,\Dad


The mehendi (also called henna) which the ladies in goa put is not real mehendi or the traditional mehindi, this i think is a mix of harmless chemicals to give the effect, The traditional mehindi is olive green in colour and dries to leave a dark red to brown colour on the body depending on the person's body heat ( i am not sure whether its the body heat the deciding factor , but not all the people usually get the same depth of colour on their body),Coming to the point the ladies in goa give a temp tattoo which they call"kaala mehindi" meaning Black Mehindi...How traditional Black Mehindi is I am not sure and I think its a concoction that came into vogue a few years back:)-sowmya

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