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December 10, 2003



Goodness! I am so jealous with all your exotic travelling and the great people you seem to be meeting. What a wonderful country! Have fun in the US in december and come and visit me on your way back to India? (come on, you can travel via my neck of the woods!

xxCaroline (Rabb)


I literally gasped when I read about the lost pictures - ARGH!!!!!! The ones you have are beautiful and the adventures and people sound amazing......

Can't wait to see you. Have a safe flight!



Happy New Year !

Joel from Brussels


The powdered design you have mentioned is called "Rangoli" the women usually draw it infront of the main doorof their house to decorate usually the white powder forms the border or the outline and its filled with coloured powders, rang in hindi means colour :)-sowmya

norma sutcliffe

Hello I hope to go to Hampi this coming April I have been to India three times this year and are now friends with local families I have stayed in thier home now the last two times and shared dawalli fest with them plus much more. I also have travel throughout the world and now consider India as my favorite eastern country

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