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November 27, 2003



I would have loved to be at the Reserve,
and as usual the legend continues.


Happy Thanksgiving :) The pictures are amazing! You must know people on every edge of the globe. Sounds (and looks) like your having a blast


EL, sounds like you are having SUCH a blast! Quite jealous I must admit -- but glad to see that you are still "mixing it up" with the Danes! When will we see you back here?


Fantastic pictures, especially of the tigers! I am truly starting NOT to be surprised that you know so many people everywhere you go. Actually, it would be weirder if you didn't :)
Continue to enjoy yourself!


Well looks like I am ominipresent.... looked up my name and there you go...
That was an unusual co-incident wasn't it? I remember quite clearly.
Though Erick and Rakhi are back in Washington they plan to do a shoot in North Africa this July and later visit India in September again.
Haven't seen you in a while El take care. Cheers, Srinath

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