August 14, 2004



Hey, u went to India? Anw, u dunno me & I dunno u. Juz dropping by. How's HOLLY? Daym, I was looking forward to celebrate HOLLY. It sounds fun and of course it looks like fun. Do drop by and tag me at my blog : zea-rapper.blogspot.com ... Or just send me an email : zea_rapper@hotmail.com


wow you found/done so many cool things!

I knew you could do alot in india, but wow.

I wanna be friends, you got msn :)?


this is incredible , you can find lots of variety in indian culture and society, in fact you posted some really good meaningful stuff here

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Nice images. Great post. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the post Eli. India is a great country of culture and tradition and it is nice to see a foreigner writing about them here. Great writing. Keep posting.


Usually in all foriegners put bad stories if they are enjoyed. You are different , I am from thrissur and I know the pulse of that festival. I think you captured enogh in 4 to 5 hours.

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