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November 27, 2003



Hi.... This is Raj/M38/India..Computer Professional... Even I 've been to few countries & like photgraphy.. etc..

I find this web-site... & the collections are very interesting to me.. My best wishes & regards to her..
Lik to know about future updates...

Email : gemini_yours@yahoo.co.in
Mb : 9444109174


Hi Elizabeth

Quite amazing I found your site when looking for links with my name, I am Elizabeth Hey, and I was in India last year. Your pictures are nice and I will read your diary of travel. I also love to travel around and to discover nice and exotic places. Have you been to Brazil, well this is my country and it is a place to visit, specially if you like nature.
Best regards,



Hi Elizabeth,

I will be in Varanasi from mid-December 2004 to mid-January 2005 and wanted to know if there were any places or people I should look up?

By the way, your travel log and photos are fantastic!

My journey to Varanasi is a musical one as I have played sitar for 16 years and shehnai more recently. As a white, Jewish-American I have been welcomed into the Indian community here in the NYC area and am both nervous and excited about the trip.

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,



i am indian, currently based in washington DC.... i saw the pictures on your website and fell in love with india all over again!

Aman Dev

Hi elizabeth- bumped into this site today.Looks like you had a great trip .And you enjoyed india as it should be enjoyed.you didint miss much did you ?!Yep, i reckon you should do a travel show.the site has as much stuff on it as lonely planet
i am an indian guy(from kerala) living in perth,australia.
Best Regards

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