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November 09, 2003



I love your updates- they are so informative and interesting. The photos are great too.


What an adventure. You look great, of course.
The photos and the story were wonderful. Can't wait to see more.


Wow-seems incredible! I love all of the colored fabrics and that building with the windows! Even though I am not sure how I feel about the seclusion of women, the building looked incredible.
And you don't look terrible-you looked amazing in your saree. Just where one of those and you will always look like a goddess (it is like wearing sunglasses). Keep up the adventures and keep us updated!


Thank you for sharing this adventure of yours. The pictures give me added information that make your stories come alive. You look just fine.


Eliz! Great photos! Diwali was fun and I'm so happy you are here! See you soon, my friend.

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