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November 18, 2003



hi E
i look like a "dork" because i have your bag(containing your laptop, your mobile, books, notes, camera.........)slung on my shoulders, otherwise it was a decent pic.You threatened to shoot me with your desi katta (indian shotgun) if i did not carry your bag that day..remember!...heheheh

Altantsetseg Genden

Hi, it is me Alta who really like India. I am Mongolian. I'm sorry for no asking vizited your site. But thank you very much for wonderful trip notes and photos... Thank you so much. Can you send me email if it is possible?

kewal kapoor

U r words flows like mily way when u touch the town place and city..i have never come across narative that carries emotion excitment and curiosty....thanks ...hey why dont u look at new india...why dontu just begin and when u begin i would like to film it...as it is...candid


I came back from india a few months back and already dying to return. Almost miss the L-square parties at IIMB and the indian way of dancing...

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