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November 03, 2003



I loved reading your excursions for the first four days. What an adventure! Your camera seems to doing an excellent jpb- the photos are great. I was so glad to hear from.
Talk to you soon.
Love Mom


Bon shared your website -- I'm glad to see that you arrived safe and sound and are taking in all that India has to offer. Thanks for sharing -- I'm sure your journey will be a fascinating one! See you at the wedding in less than 7 weeks!


Amazing! What an adventure...love the updates and can't wait to hear more....Miss you!!! Love, Stacy


I can't believe how much you've seen and learned so quickly. Keep the updates coming and the pictures too! By the way, I saw your dad, Marjorie and Ben at the Bronx zoo on Sat. Miss you!



The pictures are amazing! You seem so far away, yet so close with your detail by detail account! Great stories, I wish I was there. I love to story about Sex and the City! Jimmy told me you have been IM-ing. I wish I could but I am blocked from that on my computer... yuck. I will email you!xoxo, cw

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