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November 12, 2003



Good to see that bureaucracy is alive and well all over the world!!!!! Sounds like you are getting settled...love having the pictures with the stories...can't wait to hear more.
Miss you, Stacy


only you can make a bureaucratic tale like that funny and interesting. i love the the #2 guy who does nothing. that's great. looking forward to the next update.


Elizabeth! I'm soo impress (as always) with your perseverence and surviving Indian Bureacracy! I guess those years in DC came in handy after all! ; ) Thanks for the updates and the pictures - it makes it easier to understand where you are and what you're doing! Take care of yourself, you westerner! - Caroline.


great story, I can't wait to read the next installment. You should write a book about the adventure when you're done



Your stories just sound amazing. I really liked your photos as well - especially the one of you in the Saree!! I wish I could make it over there some time soon.

I have some good news. I just accepted a job offer with a law firm in DC (Nixon Peabody LLP). In only 5 weeks Eric and I will be back in the same city - Yipiieh!
We are both so excited. When are you coming back to the US? I CAN'T wait to see you and hear all the stories in person.

Un abrazote,

PS: What about your trip to China?

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