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October 16, 2003



You look like you are having an exciting time. Remember me in all you do since I won't ever be there to have those thrills myself, as you already have figured out.

Love and hugs, darlene


It is awesome! Love the site and getting to see pictures and hear stories. Can't wait for the adventure to continue. Have the best time and enjoy every minute. Miss ya already!



I added you to my favorites list for websites! Can't wait for more details! Have the best time -- we miss you already.

Michele Kratky

how cool are you???

From booz allen employee to fullbright fellow....

You rule!!!



Thanks for keeping in touch! We're still toiling away in the Pentagon. Sue comes over sometimes, too. I moved to another job in a new office called Homeland Defense (this is the military version of the domestic Homeland Security and I'm still with DoD). It's a great job and very exciting. Please keep in touch. I'd like to write about your adventures some day! Keep a journal.


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