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October 19, 2003



Nice updates! :)
I have been to Bangalore just once. I like MG and brigade roads there.. cool places to hang out. (I am sure you are going there to work though ;) ).
For coffee, check out coffeeday .. vrrrry comfortable place.

Good luck with everything. If you are into spicy food, you are in the right place.. if not, please be a bit careful. My rule of thumb was
rice stuff (idli / dosa) = not spicy
curry = spicy!! :))

Bangalore is a nice place overall. Like with all new places, take relevant precautions. :)

Have a wonderful time!


This website is so cute!!! You guys did a great job. I hope you have a safe flight. I miss you already.


The website looks great. I will become very educated about India, Bangalore, the India Institute of Management and the ICT. I look forward to all of your news. Have a good trip tomorrow and enjoy Delhi.
Love Mom


your website looks great! I'm glad to hear that you are off to a good start. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to your updates.
Love, Kathleen


your huge red suitcase reminds me of Dorothy's shoes.

Good luck in Oz!

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